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Many would-be creative people I know begin their artistic journey with so much excitement, as they should, but as soon as they lack a certain skill-set they abandon their project. It’s very sad to see and so I never want to see you fall into that position. That is why I FREELY offer up the expertise I’ve gained along the way in multiple disciplines of the entertainment industry, which range from: storytelling, editing, Photoshop, website development, podcasting, sound design, pre-production planning, hosting, workflow management and organization, marketing and SEO, camera shooting formats and techniques, graphic design, live production, cross-platform publishing, streaming, lighting, recording methods, etc.

I challenge you to learn all these aspects – whether from me or from other sources. Don’t feel like you’re able to do it? Nonsense, of course you! But it starts with a mental shift. What you have to understand is that none of us, including myself, are born into this world knowing the ins and outs of these disciplines. You and I must learn them. And that is the true test of any person because it’s not about what you know, it’s about what you do when you don’t know something. Do you get angry with yourself for being so-called “stupid” and quit on your dream because it’s too hard? No, otherwise you wouldn’t be here on my website. You don’t have to learn everything all at once. No hurry, no pause – which is another way of saying slow and steady wins the race. Tackle one lesson at a time, learn it wholeheartedly and move onto the next topic. That is precisely how I did it, spending years and years learning all these subjects.

The posts below are a mixture of my own work and links to articles that have taught me certain skills. I’m combining both because I realize there’s no way I can fully write up all the insights I have fast enough to share them with you. Plus, why go through the trouble when the resources already exist for you. I’ve in a sense just curated it so you don’t have to.

As time goes by, there will be more and more added here and so I hope you check back in from time to time. If there’s any topic you don’t see here, or would like to see more about, then I please let me know via my contact form.

Lastly, if you’d like to learn some of these methods directly from me, I’d be glad to teach you. Check out the different ways in which we can work together.

Happy learning.

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