6 Ways to Shoot Incredible B-Roll…

When it comes to b-roll, I’ve seen a lot of people shoot some unusable b-roll. In this video, I offer you 6 practical (and easy) ways to get incredible b-roll. I have a background in documentary filmmaking, which is how I learned these. Specifically, one summer, I worked for Garden Girl TV where we needed to shoot extremely fast, but also get a lot of coverage. Hence, we developed a system to always shoot these and it made all the difference.

The six ways are:

-A pan where you hold on left of subject for 5 seconds, then pan slowly and hold on right for 5 seconds. Then you do the same but in the other direction.

-A tilt where you hold on bottom of subject for 5 seconds, then go up slowly and hold for 5 seconds. Then reverse.

-A rack shot, to and from subject (holding each for at least 5 seconds).

-A 20 second static shot.

-A zoom to and from the subject (holding each for 5 seconds).

-A push in and push out (hold each for 5 seconds).

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