Always Make Sure to Conform Your Footage Before Editing…

Nowadays in editing we almost all the time end up mixing different file formats. Even if you’re just editing iPhone footage from multiple phone’s, each phone’s footage is most likely different in some way (frame rate, resolution, codec, etc). While editing software prides itself on being able to take any footage and cut it into a timeline no problem, I sadly find there are always problems. Most times footage seems off sync. Some footage is choppy. And other problems. To avoid these headaches, ALWAYS CONFORM YOUR FOOTAGE BEFORE EDITING. Run it through the editing software or Media Encoder (whatever you have) and make sure to unify it with the same settings. It may be time consuming at first (especially if you have a lot of footage) but it’ll allow you to be speedy during your edit PLUS everything will actually work. Please feel free to ask questions or offer opinions of your own, whether down in the comment section or by hitting me up on social media @PhilSvitek.

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