Always Make Sure To Get Your Source Files from Freelancers/Companies…

If we need something done that we can’t do ourselves, we hire someone to do it for us, right? Yup. But too often, the people I know who hire someone never request or get the source files. They only end up with the final PDF, video, graphics, etc. This most likely will be an issue for them because if they need to make alterations to it in the future, they’ll have to do it from scratch. That’s costly and takes time. Don’t let that be you. Always make sure to request your source files. Here’s an overview of what to request:

  • Final Video (highest resolution possible):
    • Apple Pro Rez 422
    • Apple Pro Rez 422 Textless
    • H264 Version
  • Video Edit:
    • Project File
    • Raw Files (including GFX, VFX, Fonts, etc)
    • All Proxies (if applicable)
  • Final Audio (48khz):
    • Stereo Master
    • 5.1 Master (if applicable)
    • Dialogue, SFX and Music Stem
    • OMF or AAF (with 3 second handles)
  • Audio Edit:
    • Project File
    • Raw Files
    • Names of Plugins Used
  • Color Edit:
    • Project File
    • Raw Files
  • GFX:
    • Raw Assets
    • PSD or Project Files
    • Final PNGs, TIFFS or JPEGS
  • VFX:
    • Final Apple Pro Rez 422 Outputs (highest rez)
    • Matte Pass
    • Keyed Out (if applicable)
    • Project File(s)
    • Raw Files
  • Music:
    • AIFF or Wave Final Output
    • Project File
    • Assets

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