An Idea to Have a Safe Yet Communal Thanksgiving / Holiday Season in 2020…

This year has been trying for all of us. And as we head into the holidays it could be even tougher. We want to see our friends and family but it’s not the safest to do so. Because of this reality, I thought about ways to have a safe Thanksgiving yet make it still feel communal. What I came up with as a solution, after reading through CDC ( and other guidelines, is to figure out who is in your town during Thanksgiving and coordinate with them. Have each person make one dish, but make it in bulk. Then each person puts portion of their dish into containers, everyone meets up somewhere safe (like a park) and they (safely) exchange the food. So it’s like a potluck except you don’t eat together. Plus, everyone should plan on making more food than is necessary so a good chunk can be donated. By doing this, when you’re eating your Thanksgiving meal (whether solo like me or with a few family members), you’ll still feel connected with more people because you’ll be eating food prepped by them. And you’ll have helped those in need thanks to the donation portions. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek. Also, tag someone who you’d love to do this with. (If you’re one of my friends that’s staying in LA and you’re interested, please hit me up so we can touch base). Happy and safe holidays!

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