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Hello, I’m filmmaker Phil Svitek and my upcoming project is Autumn Into Fall (crowdfund link— It’s about Neel who’s turning 35 and still hasn’t found purpose. Even if he did, he doesn’t have anyone to share life’s beautiful moments with. He hopes that a trip to Bogota provides the spark he needs. Meanwhile, Violet studied abroad there and brought her two best friends to recreate the fun she had in hopes to soften the blow when she gets married and moves away. Their worlds collide when they bump into each other. As they grow closer, it could spell disaster for their lives back home.

Now you might be asking yourself why Bogota of all places? Well, I have a friend named Edgar who lives in Bogota and one of the main actresses is Colombian. And it’s a place I’m deeply fascinated by given its rich history and culture, far beyond the drugs and violence many of us associate with Colombia. I want to showcase that. In addition to my own research and insights, I’m leaning heavily on those I mentioned to make sure the film is authentic and respectful of their country.

As far as inspiration goes, directors like Wong Kar-wai, Greta Gerwig, Richard Linklater, Chloe Zhao and Robert Rodriquez shaped me—mavericks whose style is uniquely their own, yet the stories are universal. And that’s my goal as well.

Last year I finished my feature directorial debut about people searching for love in downtown LA. For my second film, I want to be even bolder. That’s why I wrote a story about Americans in Bogota, Colombia. Here, their worldviews get challenged and it leads to life altering epiphanies, no different than you’d see in movies like Before Sunrise, Happy Together or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

To help the cast, the crew and me pull this off, we’re asking for your contribution, however large or small. We’re all indie filmmakers at heart and know how to truly stretch a budget. Everyone involved is a friend of mine. They are people who I trust implicitly. But I’ve chosen them not only for that reason. They are also incredibly talented, and I want you and the world to see their skills on display.

With your contribution, it’ll make our jobs that much easier. And in return, not only will you bring this project to life, but we’ve included perks based on the level of your contribution as a reward. Thank you taking the time to consider donating to our project. If you can’t make a financial contribution at this time, then please at least share this project with your friends and family across social media.

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