Broke Millennial Guides Creatives Towards Financial Freedom: Interview with Erin Lowry…

Finances, it’s an area I (Phil Svitek) keep returning to but it’s because it’s super important. No, money is not the key to happiness, however it does relieve stress when you get to live life on your own terms by having financial freedom. In my 40th episode, I’m honored to interview Broke Millennial herself, Erin Lowry. I read her 1st book, Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together, in 2018 and I was blown away at how she managed to convey new tactics I haven’t seen in other books (mainly because most other wealth management book concern themselves with basics, but not student loans, relationships and other practical day to day issues). She manages to layer in the methods through personal stories as well. It’s not just an instruction manual. That’s what I love about her. From that point, I knew I wanted to talk to her. I got in touch and she agreed so long as it could be in time for her second book Broke Millennial Takes On Investing, a stipulation I was more than happy to agree to. So, this episode is my chat with her where she openly shares all kinds of financial advice, specifically geared towards creatives and freelancers. There are many great take-aways so I encourage you to jot down notes as you listen and also to pick up both her books. They are great resources as is her website. She is also touring right now with a presentation AND doing a Wednesday AMA. Check out this episode, follow her and become financially free! PS: Comment below with any questions you may have that weren’t answered or provide any tips you’re learned along the away. And if you could, share this episode with someone who may benefit from the lessons. Thank you!

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