Celebrate Creative Victories – 8/4/2020: A Phil Svitek Vlog…

Welcome to my vlog where on this episode I talk about the need to celebrate creative victories. Mine was Idyll, my film, being in its 1st film festival and receiving good feedback from audiences. While it’s no long screening for the time being, it will again in the future—to stay up to date visit http://philsvitek.com/idyll. Then I discuss how I consulted with USC professor Sam Roberts on technology. This is because the new script I’m working on is science fiction but I wanted to ground it in reality as much as possible so having someone like him who I could ask specific details really enhanced the story. And I recommend research for your projects as well. Plus I talk about a breakthrough I had in removing filler words from podcasting easily. It’s a game changer. If you’re interested in hiring me to do this for you, check out http://philsvitek.com/podcastservices. I also spent some time teaching a friend editing. And lastly, I highlight the choice to focusing on completing open ended projects before I tackle the one newer ones I’m itching to get started on. If you have any questions, thoughts, etc don’t hesitate to write or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek. Stay safe!

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