Challenge: Start a Serendipity Journal & Increase Luck In Your Life!…

As part of my regular job, I edit goop’s podcast. A recent episode I worked on was with guest Christian Busch, who believes that luck may not always be circumstantial—and that by training ourselves to see something in the unexpected, we can make those accidents more meaningful. You can listen to the full episode here: One of the main take-aways for me though was to start a “serendipity journal”. It’s where you right down all the seemingly happenstance moments of your day without judgement so you can start to recognize what IS actually happening in your life. Because so many of us complain nothing ever happens BUT SOMETHING IS ALWAYS HAPPENING. We just need to remain present to see it. So that’s what I challenge you to do—to start writing down all those moments IN a serendipity journal. See how it works for you. Once you start being more present, then you can kick it to the next level by setting intention as Joe Dispenza writes about in Becoming Supernatural ( But I’ll save the full details of that for another lesson. Start with the journaling. Try it out and please share your experience down below or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek. Also, here’s an earlier episode I did talking about our ability to increase our luck that tackles these notions from a different perspective:

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