Challenge: Start Creating Assets! That’s How You Grow Your Career…

Here’s a challenge for you: START CREATING ASSETS. I know right now especially it may be tough to do creative work. But complaining about things is certainly not the solution. You can only display your talent by doing something. Doing something creates assets and that’s what grows your career. Stop waiting for someone to give you permission to express your passions creatively. I don’t care if you’re a musician, painter, filmmaker, writer, host, etc—find a way to do what it is you love and create something tangible for people to see. I’m not advocating you must finish something ASAP. Take your time. But by sitting on the sidelines, you don’t move forward. Plain and simple. As always, if you have any questions or better yet, want to share an asset you’re going to work on or are working on, go ahead. You can write in the comment section or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek.

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