Demystifying the Term Defund The Police Because It Does NOT Mean NO POLICE!…

Through social media and news, I’ve seen pushback against the idea of “defunding the police” and in my observation it stems from the opposition not understanding the term. With this episode, I aim to demystify and debunk the term fundamentally, because it in fact aims to better handle the various emergencies communities face. I also bring up the notion that no proposed reform will be perfect. BUT the current system is FAR FROM PERFECT and so anything BETTER is GOOD. Here’s some articles to dig deeper into the notion:,,, Comment down below with any questions or thoughts that you may have. Hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek if it’s easier. I’d love to hear from you.


-Color of Change:

-Police Brutality Stats:

-Campaign Zero’s Use of Force:

-DeRay Mckesson Identifies What Police Reforms Actually Work:

-Black Lives Matter Website:

-Direct Ways to Help:

-No More Police State (ft. Alex S. Vitale) Rumble Podcast:

-The answer to police violence is not ‘reform’. It’s defunding. Here’s why:

-Free E-Book “End of Policing:

-New World Media, Value of Family & Why Boomers Need to Go: Ryan Holiday on The Portal with Eric Weinstein:

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