Don’t Let Critics Sway You – 5/10/2023: Vlog…

This past week I was reminded of a wonderful documentary about filmmaker Richard Linklater called Dream Is Destiny. The reason this came to mind was because so many people in his life doubted or belittled his work. And yet he kept going and his work resonates with many. I had someone disrespect my work and that’s what triggered the recall of the documentary. Which speaks to a few things. One, don’t let critics sway you. Two, look for evidence, like the documentary, of people succeeding in ways that you’d like to, doing it in ways that may appear odd. Beyond this, I talk about reuniting with friends and visiting Smorgasburg LA, continuing to work on my latest script and how it’s different that the outline, and why I’m thinking it might be time to quit soccer. So check out this episode and please share your thoughts down in the comment section or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek.

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