Drew Jones Exposes Racist Systems and Structures in America…

Ashley Drew Jones (@OkDrewJ) is a dear friend of mine and she was kind enough to join me for a discussion on the various racist systems and structures plaguing America. She did this hours after her brother suffered at the hands of the police. I am in awe of her strength and fortitude to keep fighting for justice and with this interview I aim to amplify her voice and the voice of other’s like her. But let me also be very clear. This is now an issue white America (I am very much lumped into this category) must solve. Black people have bared the burden of our sins and guilt is not enough. What I find fascinating is that at this point it is not the job of Black people to educate us. It is our own. AND YET, here is Drew willing to sit down with me and help educate me… AND YOU by extension. I sincerely hope that you listen. Not for me, but for her. And I encourage you to reshare this with whoever may benefit from it. Download it directly and reupload, that way I don’t receive the views, because this is not a trend for me. Cut me out of the episode entirely if you wish but HEAR Drew. Continue to educate yourself while also taking action. That is my sincere hope in posting this so that way we can continue progress in the Black Lives Matter movement. Thank you.

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