Empowerista’s Alex Wehrley Teaches On Camera Confidence & Business Mindset…

Alex Wehrley (@AlexWehrley) is a dear friend who has been in a content creator for a long time. She started out reporting in Illinois before moving to LA where she hosted for AfterBuzz TV—which is how I got to know her. From there she’s hosted for E! News Now, ABC.com red carpets, FOX, Yahoo!. In 2015, she got the chance to host Miss USA, which was a full circle moment given that she’d competed as Miss Wisconsin years prior. But she wanted to shift her focus and started utilizing her hosting skills within the entrepreneur and business space. That’s how she created her personal brand Empowerista, which also lead to a host position on Business Rockstars. In this episode, Alex is gracious enough to share the tactics she’s learned and applied as well as highlighting some of the tough decisions she’s needed to make. We talk about the need for women to have a strong role model in their life, something that Alex was lucky to have thanks to her mom. And we discuss patience and what it means to have control especially in the context of Covid-19 and quarantine. Of course, we go in depth about how to be confident on camera and so much more! Alex is a wealth of knowledge and I had a blast chatting with her because I learned so much. I know you will too. So tune in and hear what she has to say. And for more info, be sure to check out her book Confidently On Camera which is available to order at http://confidentlyoncamera.com. Please be sure to comment with any thoughts or questions you may have, or just write how awesome Alex is since it’s true but can never be understated. Or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek. I’d love to hear from you!
-Alex Wehrley’s Website: http://alexwehrley.com
-Confidently On Camera Book: http://confidentlyoncamera.com
-Master Mental Fortitude Course Book: http://mastermentalfortitude.com

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