This weekend Phil Svitek met with a lot of hosts during the AfterBuzz TV annual end of year summit. What he discovered was that many of them had the same fears and doubts that they weren’t where they ultimately wanted to be or that they haven’t yet discovered their true purpose. It hit him that many artists must feel this way. The lesson Phil shares in this episode is a similar lesson he taught this weekend to the AfterBuzz TV hosts. Here, Phil explores how to find your purpose and why it’s not as far off as you might have imagined and it all begins with action. Without action, you’ll never discover your passions and what you’re good at. Phil highlights a bit of his own journey from wanting to become a film editor to being AfterBuzz TV’s Chief Operating Officer. He also pinpoints where the doubt stems from – ourselves, and uses a James Cameron quote to help dispel the notion of what’s possible and what’s not. Because let’s face it, as artists, we all have lofty ambitions. Enjoy the episode and comment below with any thoughts, questions, feedback, etc.

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