How Meandering Helps You Succeed In Your Career, So Don’t Sweat Your Quarter Life Crisis…

Many people, including myself at times, feel behind in their careers. We feel like we’ve wasted time and energy doing jobs that didn’t serve us. Nothing could be further from the truth. The age old story is that you need to be a specialist—like Tiger Woods or Mozart—to find success. That’s actually not the case as ESPN Senior Writer David Epstein proves in his book Range: Why Generalist Triumph in a Specialized World. We can take the lessons learned from any experience and utilize it in our new one. Often times, the job we want may not even exist. Certainly podcasting as a career didn’t exist when I was in college. It does now. We need to be in search of our match fit. But too many people are having quarter life crisis because they haven’t discovered their purpose. Stop! Follow your passions and let that guide you. Purpose will reveal itself in due time. And if your passions change, that’s okay. Gary Vaynerchuck thinks so and I agree with him. So dive into this lesson with me and stop worrying that you’re behind. I’ll go over all these ideas and hopefully create stillness in your life so you can go after your dreams. After listening, try it out and please be sure to leave a comment with any thoughts or questions. Thanks for tuning in.


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