How to be an Advocate for Change & Chase Your Artistic Dreams! – Danny Royce Interview…

Danny Royce (@IAmDannyRoyce) is a multifaceted artist. I first got to know him as a host while I was working at AfterBuzz TV. He was a part of many shows before getting to host Black Hollywood Live’s Inside the Black Actor’s Studio ( As I got to know him, I learned he was into Yoga and also an actor. It was the latter information that made me cast him in my feature film Idyll ( He nailed the scenes he was a part of, I should mention. In this interview, we cover a lot of topics that I believe all content creators should be thinking about. We go back and forth between practical take-aways and the importance of a sound mind. This is because we both know them to be deeply interconnected. You can’t succeed without having the right skills and right mindset. In exploring these thoughts and questions, we discuss the importance of advocacy and standing for something above all other things in your life—a topic very relevant to today’s day and age. It’s a wide ranging discussion and I love every moment of it. I hope you do too! To check out Danny’s work, visit his website at or follow him on social media @IAmDannyRoyce. And to check out his movie, Nowhere Alaska, which we discuss heavily, go to Lastly, to see his various credits, here’s his IMDB page: Please support him and kindly comment with what you thought about the interview. What did you learn? What did you want to know more about? Write it down below or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek. I’d love to hear from you. For more free resources from your 360 creative coach, check out my website at

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