How to Select Clips and Create Narrative for Sizzles, Highlight Reels, Trailers and Documentaries…

Many creatives want to make a video that highlights their skills or they need to pitch an idea. Too often they think they lack the editing skills to pull this off. In this video, I show you why that’s actually not the case and how you have way more creative control than you think, even with limited editing knowledge. This video teaches you how to select the right clips for your projects and design a narrative around them that conveys the message you want to tell. It’s a technique that I’ve used on hundreds of projects and have yielded me great results and they can do the same for you. The phases are:

-Search and download all the clips/images you’d need

-String those together into a timeline and watch it back, taking notes while you do

-Trim and re-trim that sequence until you get it to a more manageable length

-Start grouping similarly themed clips together and create a rough order

-Watch and re-order the clips until you feel good about the flow

-Eliminate all sections that drag (moments that repeat, ums, etc)

-Then you’re ready for the polish edit!

Once you try this method, I’m curious to know how the experience was for you, so please comment. Or perhaps you have a different way of doing it. Let me know.

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