James Lott Jr. Shares His Experiences of Racism in Corporate World + Social Justice Movements…

James Lott Jr. (@JamesLottJr) is a very good friend of mine and someone I admire because even though he’s 51 years old, he has the energy of a teenager. This combines perfectly because his wisdom is vast and he has the ability to put it to use. I have learned a lot from him and am honored to call him a mentor. In this episode he joins me for a powerful conversation about race is America. He’s experiences racism in various forms, especially in the corporate world. He’s fought for social justice. These are moments of his history and the collective history that he openly shares so we as white people may listen and learn. But that is step one because listening is not enough. Action and reform must be taken. James highlights everyday things you can and should do to enact change. That’s why I love James — he’s very practical. Please listen with an open heart and acknowledge the gift he is providing. I call it a gift because IT IS NOT the job of Black people to educate us on racism anymore. It is our responsibility to learn. And yet, here he is willing to put in the time because he’s optimistic that by doing so, it will create the change so many wish to see. Let’s not the one hour he freely gave to us be in vain. Please share the whole interview or sections to anyone who may benefit from it. You can download directly and repost. No need to tag me. Tag James. In fact, be inclined to cut me out and just leave James’ answers because I do not want this to be about me. It is about James and a whole community across America like him. Thank you.

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