Ken Napzok Interview: Returning to Creative Passions & Navigating Life’s Thin Lines…

Ken Napzok is a friend of mine who I’ve known for 6, almost 7 years. He’s been a producer for many digital juggernauts over the better part of the last decade, including Schmoes Know, Popcorn Talk, Screen Junkies, Collider, etc. In addition to having worked with those brands, Ken has also appeared in front of the camera many times, whether it be hosting his own The Ken Napzok Files podcast, talking about Star Wars or doing stand-up. In this special interview, I get to catch up with Ken and ask him questions on topics he normally doesn’t talk about often. One thing rings true, Ken has developed a good foundation in order to walk the fine line of laziness and self-criticism in order to find joy in the work he does. Because of it, he’s returned to creative passions that he previously had put a pause on. I learned a lot from Ken in our wide ranging conversation and so I know you will too! Thank you for tuning in and comment with any thoughts please!


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