Lessons Learned from Covid, Manifesting Wealth & Beyond w/ Jaimi Alexander…

Friend and host Jaimi Alexander (@JaimiAlexander) joins me on my unofficial Quarantine Anniversary show — I say this because just over a year ago Jaimi joined me for a set of shows (https://philsvitek.com/tried-and-tested-ep-16-of-a-phil-svitek-vlog-with-jaimi-alexander/). It was fun to catch up with her and hear the lessons she’s learned and that are serving her well. We talk about Joe Dispenza and the various ways to manifest the future you want. We also discuss the importance of continuing to create content and how it’s easier than ever but that you also need to take a step back and enjoy life at times. Plus we round out the discussion by talking about social justice. I learned a lot AND I was inspired. And I think you can benefit the same way. So listen and enjoy. After listening, kindly feel free to ask questions or offer opinions of your own, whether down in the comment section or by hitting us up on social media (mine’s @PhilSvitek).

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