Let’s Work Together

I am a digital content guru with a passion for helping artists realize their visions. Do any of the following questions relate to you?

  • Editing a project but don’t have all the technical skills to realize your vision?
  • Can’t “break story” or have a story but now you’ve hit writer’s block?
  • Got a pitch meeting you need to prep for?
  • Need creative solutions to overcome narrative or budgetary hurdles?
  • Aiming to strengthen your network of industry contacts?
  • Want to start, grow or enhance your own podcast?
  • Require artwork for your project but don’t know what style you want or how to enact your vision?
  • Ready to start a production but want to avoid common pitfalls?
  • Launching or updating a website but don’t know how to code?
  • Creating an intro and outro for your series but can’t get it to match the idea in your head?
  • Finalizing a project but need to fill it out with sound effects and foley or just clean up existing audio?
  • Looking to improve your hosting skills?
  • Stuck on ideas to reach more people with your videos?
  • Seeking ways to monetize your pre-existing content?
  • Struggling with the ups and downs of the artist’s life?