What is coaching? To answer that, let me quote iconoclast, artist, and cultural thought leader Erwin McManus.

Isn’t it odd that every athlete, no matter how good s/he is has a coach? Even tennis players who are not required to have a coach, have a coach. Even Serena Williams, the greatest athlete in the world, has a coach. In fact, she was accused of being coached during one of her matches. Who would ever think that Serena Williams needs to be coached? But I realize that people who step into greatness know they need a coach because what that coach does is that coach calls out their greatness. That coach does not allow them to be satisfied with whatever level of accomplishment they’ve achieved. We’re not talking about status quo. We’re not talking about mediocrity. We’re talking about the best athletes in the world need someone to call them out so they can actually step up.

Pretty powerful, right?

As your 360 Creative Coach, I will be there to work alongside you, as your partner and mentor to work towards a long-term goal or objective.

My goal is to elevate your project and infuse my technical and creative insights to bring it to fruition. Not only will I help the project, but I’ll hold you accountable for deadlines and tasks, so nothing slips through the cracks.

All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to expert, but you must be serious about the project.

Coaching with me isn’t for someone who just wants to try something out and then abandon it weeks or months later. I want to make sure to give you the proper attention and creative energy that your project requires and therefore I purposefully limit the number of people I partner with as a coach.

Here’s the types of work I can help coach you through…

YouTube Series

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to create a vlog, video essays, narratives or anything else, I can make your series a success. It also doesn’t matter if you’re in the conception phase or if you already have a few videos posted. There’s ways to grow the channel exponentially and I show you how.

Website Development

Every artist needs a website to showcase their work and their talents. I’ve developed and launched many websites in the past decade (both on a personal and professional level). I know ways to keep costs low while getting the desired outcome for you including SEO optimization. I’ll walk you step by step on how to make yours.

Career Path

Unlike traditional careers, there’s not direct ladder to climb in order to become successful. That can feel scary. But, I can navigate you through what might otherwise be a difficult journey and get you to where you want to go much faster. I’ll give you practical advice on the resume and cover letter you need for a dream job. I’ll also pinpoint the skills you already have and the ones you need to further grow in.

Podcast Show

I love podcasts. I’ve been creating them for almost a decade and have consumed countless of them as well. So, whether you’re looking to launch on or grow one, I’m excited to help you out. The genre doesn’t matter either – it can be panel discussion, interview style, lecture, narrative. These are all within my wheelhouse and ones that I love to work on.

Project Development

When you have an idea, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and make you unsure of where to start first. Perhaps you know where to start but without realizing it, you might be overlooking certain aspects that you’ll need in order to drive your vision to fruition. That’s where I come in. I’ve developed hundreds of projects across almost every medium and know what you’ll need to bring an idea to life.

Sizzle Reel

A sizzle reel showcases a piece of work – on an individual level such as your acting reel or on a project level such as a reality TV concept. Either way, you’ll need to tell a narrative to engage whoever your target is (casting director, buyers, etc). You’ll also need it to be highly polished so it doesn’t turn people off. I know how to accomplish both.

Business Plan

If you’re serious about your art, you should have a “business plan”. It’s more or less your strategy for yourself and the projects you want to work on. Trial and error works as a method, but can be highly ineffective. You need to start looking at your work as an actual business and especially if you’re going to employ people. Planning out ahead of time can save you a lot of headaches and money. I’m someone who gets equally excited talking about the creative process as the business side. That’s why I’d love to map out your trajectory with you.


At some point or another, everyone needs to be able to present their ideas or work in front of other people. This can be as a lecture in an auditorium or a book pitch to a publisher or a business proposal to an investor and everything in between. It’s extremely important that you convey exactly the message you want and have the right materials to illustrate your vision. Having been on both the giving and receiving end of presentations many times, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Short/Feature Film

Making movies is my original passion. Now I review more than I make, but that only has sharpened my eye for what works and what does. It has allowed me to identify cliches and plot holes. More importantly, this practice serves me be able to fix issues in projects I work on. But my expertise goes beyond just story. I can help you figure out equipment, shooting schedules, editing, sound design, visual effects, graphics and so on. I’ve faced many challenges with the movies I’ve made and they have taught my valuable tricks in overcoming them.

"Break Story"

Most art is a form a storytelling and the best stories convey a universal truth in a well told manner. But writer’s block is very real, which is why we see so many plot holes or cliches in movies, books, etc. Avoid all those issues by really mapping out the story. As someone who has studied storytelling from a very young age, I can steer you away from those. I’ve taken Robert McKee’s Story class, worked with Friends’ executive producer Kevin S. Bright and worked with great screenwriters directly. Through each experience, I have learned new insights into storytelling that I’d love to share with you.

Guests (Bookings & Interviews)

Whether you have a video series or audio podcast, having guests come on your show can drive numbers higher. But how do you reach out to celebrities and get them to commit? I can walk you through the process and achieve results in a way that will not only get them excited but will leave them with a great experience. After all, you don’t want them to just show up once, you want to develop a long term relationship with them.

Brand Partnerships

Creating a partnership with an existing brand can be super beneficial. It could mean funding or perhaps resources you may be missing. But how do you go about forming that partnership? There’s meetings that need to be taken with materials to be shared. And once everyone’s agreed to move forward, there’s legal paperwork to get through. I have been on both sides of this equation and can guide you through the process so it becomes a win-win situation for both you and the brand you want to work with.

Audience Growth

There are best practices I’ve learned when it comes to growing your fanbase that don’t require lots of money. It just requires implementing the right strategy. I can create this strategy for your projects and increase your audience over time.

Statistics Reporting

You can’t measure your growth without tracking key measurements – audience size, viewership, shares, etc. More importantly, you won’t know which strategies work the best unless you have something to compare them against. I have compiled many KPIs (key performance indicators) during my professional career and can setup a template for you that’s easy to manage and review.

Workflow Organization

As a creative, I like to work as close to the speed of thought as possible. In order to achieve that, I need to remain organized and have a strong workflow. The same applies to you. In order to thrive you must do away with the notion that artists can be just free spirits that do as they please. Systems must be put in place otherwise you’ll only work against yourself. I love organization and would love to create a structure that works for you.

Technical Skills

I preach a lot about mastering mental fortitude in order to achieve your creative ambitions. But your projects also require you to possess the right technical skills. So, no matter what area you’re looking to learn or grow in, I can provide the necessary roadmap to mastery. I have learned many skills over the years and know the best resources for all learning styles.

Equipment Research

We all want the best tools for our projects. But what exactly are they? Well, that depends heavily on your project goals and also your budget. I’m a techie at heart and loving learning about emerging advancements in the creative field. So no matter your preferred medium or the scope of your project, I can work with you to create a list of everything you’ll need to make your vision a reality.

Contract Negotiation

Most artists hate legal jargon – and for the most part, so do I. However, I’ve learned it’s a necessary part of the process and have drafted, reviews and executed many deals during my career. That doesn’t mean I’m a legal advisor or a lawyer, but I can help you save time and money with one by cutting right to the chase of which deal points are worth fighting for and which ones aren’t.

If you’re unsure whether the coaching tier is right for you then it’s best to begin with a consultation session first.

But if you’re ready to be coached by me, there’s one final step. Coaching is a big commitment on both our parts that needs to become a very personal relationship. To make sure we fit creatively to partner together, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire. All answers will be treated as strictly confidential.

Apply to be coached by me:

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PS: If you feel someone in your life (friend, family member, coworker) could benefit from my coaching, then by all means encourage them to check out my site.