Love Market – Feature Film

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Overview: Love Market is my first feature film as a director. Creatively, I was inspired by Wong Kar-wai’s Chungking Express because it’s such a bold film that takes so many artistic risks and they pay off. And from a narrative standpoint, there’s a variety of characters that go about their lives but they all bump into each other at a late-night restaurant. I felt I could utilize Downtown LA and Grand Central Market specifically in such a way.

Technically, it was director Robert Rodriquez’s Rebel Without a Crew book that provided the necessary roadmap. That book chronicles the making of his first film, El Mariachi, which he made on a shoe-string budget of $7,000.

Since I live in LA and know so many talented people, I thought why not go for it? It’s part of my overall spirit to never let fear or seeming lack of resources prevent me from pursuing my passions. Making films is definitely one of my passions. Luckily, an amazing group of collaborators joined me on this project and together we made this film. We hope you enjoy it.

Synopsis: An uninspired lawyer, his enthusiastic protégé, and an aspiring musician look for romance and meaning in Downtown Los Angeles. Throughout their interwoven journeys, the three are forced to face their pasts and rethink their futures as they encounter timeless art, unrequited love, and pogo sticks.

Lead Actors: Khaliel Abdelrahim, Amy Cassandra Martinez, Lauren LoGrasso, Sara Stretton, Napoleon Tavale, Chloe West

Supporting Cast: Danny Royce, Tamara Berg, Steve Bottomley, Grace DeMarco, Dariany Santana, Jesse Janedy, Derrial Christon, Danielle Crook, John Comerford, JJ Jurgens, Dakota T. Jones

Director: Phil Svitek

Writers: Phil Svitek and Taylor Gates

Producers: Courtney Stewart, Ian Keiser, John Comerford, Phil Svitek, Cristal McLaughlin, Anthony Becerra

Composer: Cody Schram

Additional Score: Georgios Lazaridis

Featuring Music By: Lauren LoGrasso and Will Knox

Sound Design: Edgar Cortes

Sound Mix: Edgar Cortes and Richard Vission

Colorist: Jefferson Rosa

VFX: Mrinal Dutta

GFX: Marisa Serafina and Jonathan Moulton

Festivals Love Market‘s Been Accepted Into:

  • International Independent Film Awards
  • Kosice International Film Festival
  • Studio City International Film & TV Festival
  • Lift-Off’s First Time Filmmaker Sessions
  • Seattle True Independent Film Festival
  • Las Vegas International Film Festival


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