Master Mental Fortitude – Exercise Book

An artist’s life can be extremely volatile, with many highs and lows — it takes more than just industry skills and knowledge to make it. To be successful, you need to have the right mental fortitude to reach your dreams.

That’s why in 2018, I launched a podcast series where I share the lessons I learned from my own experiences as well as the ones I’ve been blessed enough to learn from other successful people within the entertainment industry. You can check out all those lessons here.

But, I’m so adamant about this notion of “mastering mental fortitude” that I wanted to go even further and offer more to any creative out there. This has lead me to create a coursebook called Master Mental Fortitude: A Guide to Achieving Your Creative Ambitions, which not only jam packs in 35 valuable lessons, but it also provides practical takeaways and exercises to put each lesson to use in your own life. It is geared towards any creative — it doesn’t matter whether you are a: Writer, Actor, Director, Artist, Musician, Producer, Host or Podcaster — each lesson has something for you!

You can either purchase the coursebook digitally ($25) by clicking the button below or in physical form ($70) from Amazon. If you do purchase through Amazon, please leave a review (positive or negative).

PS: You might have noticed that in cover of the cover image, it says “volume 1” — and as you might have guessed, it’s because I plan to turn Master Mental Fortitude into a series. Until then though, feel free to browse through my website for tons of free lessons and resources. I’m constantly adding new ones so even if you’ve checked out most of them, chances are there’s new ones you haven’t yet looked at. And, if you’re ready to take your creative passions to the next level and have specific questions you need answered, we can always setup a coaching session.