#PitMad Is the Hashtag to Pitch Your Novel to Agents on Certain Dates of the Year!…

If you’re a novelist but don’t have an agent like me, I encourage you to learn about #PitMad. The hashtag is the original Twitter pitch event, where writers Tweet a 280-character pitch for their completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts. Agents and editors make requests by liking/favoriting the tweeted pitch. Every unagented writer is welcome to pitch. All genres/categories are welcomed. #PitMad occurs quarterly. Upcoming dates are: September 3, 2020 (8AM – 8PM EST) & December 3, 2020 (8AM – 8PM EST). Some tips: Don’t favorite friends’ Tweets. The agents will be requesting by favoriting Tweets, and more favorites can make it hard for those with requests to see all of their faves/likes. RT or Quote-RT to show your support. Do NOT use the hashtag when quote RTing – Keep the hashtag clean so agents can navigate it easily. Be respectful and courteous to each other, and especially to the industry professionals. If you do see abuse, please report it to Twitter or notify one of the hosts of the event. AND, in an effort to amplify Black voices, the event has added a #BVM (Black Voices Matter) hashtag. If you are a Black author, please feel free to include #BVM in your tweets so agents/editors can use it to search for pitches. For more info, visit https://pitchwars.org/pitmad/. Comment down below with any questions or thoughts that you may have. Hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek if it’s easier. I’d love to hear from you.


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