Playtest (Short Film) Virtual Premiere & Q&A Hosted by Alina Vission…

Welcome to the virtual premiere of Playtest, a short film that acts as a proof of concept for a feature script called In Search of Sunrise. This event is hosted by Alina Vission (@AlinaVission). After the viewing of the film is a Q&A with Phil Svitek and those involved with the project. The premise of the film is: Aya’s father is a tech guru who creates an immersive virtual entertainment experience that claims to fully cater to a user’s unconscious desires. She feels this invention aims to spite her for not following in his footsteps by proving to her that art can be manufactured. Art, Aya believes, is too rooted in human emotion and no machine can truly replicate the depth of connection that human creativity does. Aya accepts the mission playtest it to prove to him and his Board of Directors that the machine is nothing more than a financial drain…

After watching, it’d mean a lot to mean if you can share your thoughts down in the comment section. And if you really enjoyed it, please share it. If you’re interested in producing/financing/etc the full feature film, you can connect with me via email at For more info about the project, visit…​. Copyright 2021 (ID: 1-1019134701). All rights reserved.


Aya – Candice Cruz (​)

Emma – Grace DeMarco (​)

Guidance Counselor – Cristal McLaughlin (​)

Mrs. Dyne (Aya’s Mom) – Lucia Tarantino (…​)

Engineer/Principal – Derrial Christon (​)

Mr. Dyne – James Lott Jr. (​)

Commercial Narrator – Steve Bottomley (…​)

Director/Shooter/Editor – Phil Svitek (​)

Writers – Phil Svitek and Jason Squamata

Story Consultants – John Comerford (…​) and Emily Krempholtz (​)

Producers – Courtney Stewart (​), Morgan Lester (​), John Comerford, Ian Keiser (…​), Jonathan Moulton (​) and Khaliel Abdelrahim (​)

VFX – Jonathan Moulton, Thomas Tamura (​)

Composer – Cody Schram (​)

Sound Design/Mix – Edgar Cortes (​)

Color Correction – Jefferson Rosa (…​)

FYI the “please stand by” song is by Cody Schram. It’s called Mad Hatter (​).

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