Preparation And Understanding Are Key – 10/17/2022: A Phil Svitek Vlog…

Preparing for projects and understanding the world you’re building are key to success—that’s the theme of this week’s vlog. I talk about doing a run through for a comedy special and how beneficial that was. Then I provide an update to my filmmaking how-to book and what’s helped me make progress. After that, I shift gears and discuss creating the world of the trilogy I’m working on and everything that entails. Plus, I reveal how Story by Robert McKee continues to be helpful. Finally, I discuss finishing a major part of a short film I’m working on, what being an influencer means to me and why writers should incorporate ad breaks into their scripts. And, for some excellent news, A Bogota Trip will be screening in Las Vegas, Sunday Oct 30th at 12pm as part of Silver State Film Festival. Tickets are available at Http:// (search for Block YY). So check out this episode and please share your thoughts down in the comment section or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek. Lastly, for more free resources from your 360 creative coach, check out my website at

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