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As a 360 Creative Coach, I believe it’s important that I practice what I preach. During my life, I’ve been privileged to work on all kinds of different artistic projects. However, most of them were for other people. Recently, I’ve began to focus on my own projects, whether films, books, etc. If you’ve heard my lessons, you know I’m a strong advocate of supporting artists. I put my heart and soul into each piece of work and it’d mean the world to me if you made a purchase.

In addition to my creative work, I’ve also included other ways to support me and my ambitions.

The good news is that all of these in turn help you out. How? Well, the more financial pressure that’s lifted thanks to patrons like you, the more time I can devote to my teachings and coaching practice.

Thank you.


Love MarketThis is my directorial debut. Creatively, I was inspired by Wong Kar-wai’s Chungking Express because it’s such a bold film that takes so many artistic risks and they pay off. And from a narrative standpoint, there’s a variety of characters that go about their lives but they all bump into each other at a late-night restaurant. I felt I could utilize Downtown LA and Grand Central Market specifically in such a way. The synopsis for the film is: An uninspired lawyer, his enthusiastic protégé, and an aspiring musician look for romance. The three are forced to face their pasts and rethink their futures.

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Elan, ElanErik plans on making this summer the best ever, mainly to soften the blow to his best friend Dani when he leaves for secondary school in the fall. But his noble plans are immediately compromised when Erik’s old crush Ivana returns to their rural Slovakian town. Seeing Ivana again brings Erik’s old feelings racing back to the surface, but she hasn’t come back alone—Ivana is now dating Erik’s most hated foe. Erik has dirt on the rival, but using it to break them up might mean losing Ivana forever. With Erik distracted, Dani faces a summer of brutal struggles and rough transitions on his own. With all these yearnings, secrets, and changes in the air, can Erik and Dani’s lifelong friendship survive the summer?

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Master Mental FortitudeAn artist’s life can be extremely volatile, with many highs and lows — it takes more than just industry skills and knowledge to make it. To be successful, you need to have the right mental fortitude to reach your dreams. Master Mental Fortitude provides you with lessons to make this happen so that your legs don’t “buckle” along your journey. Geared towards any creative and based on Phil Svitek’s real-life experiences successfully working in the entertainment industry, this book not only jam packs in 35 valuable lessons, but it also provides practical takeaways and exercises to put each lesson to use in your own life. Geared towards any creative — it doesn’t matter whether you are a: Writer, Actor, Director, Artist, Musician, Producer, Host or Podcaster — each lesson has something for you! What’s even better, each chapter includes access to live video and/or audio lesson. Phil Svitek is a content creator with a passion for helping artists realize their creative visions. He has been working professionally in the entertainment industry since the age of 15 in various capacities across multiple mediums — from documentaries to TV series, from feature films to online video, and more recently, in the new media of podcasting.

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Clothing, Hats, CupsWant to let everyone know you support my creative endeavors? Sport some of my gear. There’s hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, clinch bags, coffee mugs, etc. And you can customize the colors to fit your style.

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Rent Gear:

Filmmaking is expensive. Luckily I have my own equipment (audio and video). But apart from the few times a year, this gear just sits in storage. So why not put it to better use right and help someone out at the same time? Rather than you having to spend tons of money on purchases of your own or renting, I’ll rent you my gear for far cheaper.  All you have to have is insurance.

Here’s an overview of the gear available to you:

-2x Black Magic Pocket 4k Camera w/Speedboosters, 12 Batteries and 10x 256gig SD cards

-Canon Zoom Lenses (2x 28-105mm, 1x 24-35mm, 1x 70-300mm)

-2x Deity Shotgun Mics for Cameras

-1x Sennheiser Lav Set

-2x Comica Dual Lav Set

-2x LED Light Attachments

-Zoom H8 Recorder

-4x Newer LED Lights

To rent gear, please connect with me via my contact page.


Patreon is wonderful option if you’d like to support my efforts on an ongoing basis. It’s a subscription based service. There’s various tiers that offer differing rewards. The higher the monthly rate, the greater the rewards. One of the reasons I love it is that it allows us a chance to connect more directly. I’ve thought long and hard about what I can offer you in exchange for your money and as always, I strive to deliver the most value I can for you. Check out everything’s that available. And as the number of patrons grows on the platform, I’ll be able to offer even more exciting rewards.

Become a Patron today!

Coaching & Consulting:

Of course, if you’d like to support my art AND benefit in the most direct way, you can hire me to coach or consult you. I love working with artists and can help you in a number of ways. For example, are you:

-Editing a project but don’t have all the technical skills to realize your vision?

-Can’t “break story” or have a story but now you’ve hit writer’s block?

-Got a pitch meeting you need to prep for?

Need creative solutions to overcome narrative or budgetary hurdles?

Aiming to strengthen your network of industry contacts?

Want to start, grow or enhance your own podcast?

-Require artwork for your project but don’t know what style you want or how to enact your vision?

-Ready to start a production but want to avoid common pitfalls?

-Launching or updating a website but don’t know how to code?

-Creating an intro and outro for your series but can’t get it to match the idea in your head?

-Finalizing a project but need to fill it out with sound effects and foley or just clean up existing audio?

-Looking to improve your hosting skills?

-Stuck on ideas to reach more people with your videos?

-Seeking ways to monetize your pre-existing content?

Struggling with the ups and downs of the artist’s life?

These are but a of the things I can assist you with. For full details, check out my coaching page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Direct Venmo Contribution:

Maybe you have a little bit of extra cash and are feeling generous. If that’s the case, my Venmo is always open to you. My user name is @Phil-Svitek and the direct link is: Truly, any contribution, whether large or small, is always appreciated. And as is my nature, any money I receive will in the end be paid forward in some way. Thank you!