Real Test of Any Choice Is Doing It Twice – 10/11/2021: A Phil Svitek Vlog…

In The Matrix Revolutions, the Oracle says, “The real test for any choice is having to make the same choice again, knowing full well what it might cost – I guess I feel pretty good about that choice, ’cause here I am, at it again.” I like this quote as it applies to my choice of moving forward and making my 2nd feature film. In this vlog, I discuss the final preparations for the movie. Things like, negative visualization ( and the creative solutions I’ve been considering, Covid procedures, finalizing tickets to events, pre packing, etc. Plus I discuss the difference between a mistake and a choice from an artistic standpoint. There’s lots of nuggets in there for you to utilize, so enjoy. Thanks for tuning in. Also, feel free to ask questions or offer opinions of your own, whether down in the comment section or by hitting me up on social media @PhilSvitek.

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