Reflecting on the State of Politics in the US…

Last week, most of America was glued to their TVs awaiting the election results. Now a president-elect has been declared. What’s next? In this episode, I reflect upon things from hopefully a different perspective than most. My aim is to ask questions, offer some ideas, but by no means do I claim to know it all. I think we all need to ponder these things as well as others in order to move forward properly. And moving forward requires action because having academic discussions about these things helps no one. In this wide ranging episode, I jump around from topic to topic, covering things like: should the state split up?, why telling people that ultimately whoever wins the election is a form of gaslighting, how for many of us discussions like this are academic when for others it can be life or death, how the term “in spirit of which this was intended” no longer holds value and we must define everything, why I think it’s problematic to say PA or any other state won the election for Joe Biden, how we should strive to be for something rather than against things, the idea of the national popular vote agreement (different that the popular vote slightly), the historic role of the senate and why that’s debilitating in today’s day and age, a John Steinbeck quote, how activism needs to be a daily activity, how we should all hold elected officials accountable regardless of party lines and how Trump’s 2017 tax cuts will affect you in 2021. Quite a lot, right? Listen and afterwards, please feel free to ask questions or offer opinions of your own, whether down in the comment section or by hitting me up on social media @PhilSvitek.

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