Restrictions Can Be Liberating and Other Lessons with Khaliel Abooboo…

Filmmaker Khaliel Abooboo is a very dear friend of mine. I’ve known him for a number of years after he joined AfterBuzz TV. Him and I (Phil Svitek) became friends early on and that friendship has grown tremendously over the years. But that’s not what makes him special. Khaliel has a spirit, joy and passion for creating content that infects everyone around him. And he’s ambitious in the projects he wants to make and never lets fear, resources, or anything else stand in the way of those ambitions. He joins be today to chat about his latest projects including the Black Spiderman web series and Shoot Your Shot. We also travel back in time and explore how Khaliel learned all the things he knows today. In recounting stories, Khaliel is able to highlight the lessons he’s gained along the way and how you too can apply it to your art, such as the fact that restrictions can be liberating to you. Plus we discuss the state of the industry, how to keep momentum without having the wheels come off and other deep insights we didn’t know we’d get into when we started the conversation. Please enjoy this interview and please support my friend – not because he’s my friend but because his work is amazing. Be sure to leave a comment down below as well. Thank you!

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