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Have you read countless self-help books, seen therapists and mentors or listened to podcasts such as this one AND still haven’t seen improvements in your life? It may be because you’re failing to do one of the most fundamental things in self-help. In this lesson, I (Phil Svitek) walk you through how to overcome this hurdle and have genuine breakthrough moments utilizing a simple principle from one of Disney’s beloved movies – Pocahontas. Big shout out to Marisa Serafini (@SerafiniTV) for her singing in this episode. If you have questions or comments, please leave a comment.

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Today will be a quick lesson. Which in and of itself is a lesson. Omit needless words. Clarity through brevity. The best teachings in life don’t overstate the obvious. They make it as simple as possible. I digress.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret and that is that any self-help practices you engage in you must do exactly that, help yourself. Which really isn’t a secret at all. We go to therapists or mentors, read nonfiction books or watch videos such as this one in hopes of learning tools that can benefit us in our daily lives. These teachings however, only you can apply and utilize. People can tell you exactly what to do, but you must do it.

Often times this advice is simple in nature. But simple doesn’t make it easy, which is why many never grow.

Another reason I’ve observed why people never grow is because of paralysis by analysis. Sometimes we seek truths and insights from these sources and it causes us to freeze. We might be either too confused by what it’s saying or we have this incessant need to dig deeper. We excuse it as research when in reality it’s procrastination.

I’m not saying don’t learn or research. You should. However, don’t use it as a means to obtain perfect. Life is not perfect. Or you can say it’s perfectly imperfect. I prefer the latter these days. As such, you must take action. The greatest teacher of life is life itself. You’ll make mistakes. In American culture we chastise failure. But failure is how the best companies and people have become what they are.

Life is about doing. Self-help resources offer a viewpoint into what Tony Robbins calls the science of achievement. It shows you the steps necessary to take. What it does not provide however is what Robbins calls the art of fulfillment. That is up to you. Which is why most of us aren’t fulfilled in our lives. We seek these outside sources to tell us how to live. Again, they provide the wisdom but you are the ultimate solution.

Here’s another universal truth, which if you learn can greatly ease your life, paradoxically. You’ll understand in a minute. Remember physics class? If you do then you’ll know that matter can neither be created or destroyed. Conflict in life is the same. If you eliminate it from our part of your life it’s transferred into another aspect of it. In caveman times they weren’t guaranteed the basic needs – shelter, food, water, etc. That was their main conflict. Today, most of us, luckily, have our basic needs met. And so our conflict becomes primarily existential. What is the meaning of life type of stuff.

The adage is money cannot buy happiness.

It believe this to be true. If it did, people would be a lot more happier. Go back to the second part of what Tony Robbins teaches us – the art of fulfillment. It is just that. An art. Not a science. Only you can define that for yourself.

Which is the greatest secret of all and is wonderfully summarized in Disney’s Pocahontas as “listen with your heart, you will understand.” Do listen with your heart, take the time to really eliminate the daily noise. The rat race radio waves. This applies to companies too. Often times they hired outside consultants or so-called experts to confirm what they already know. So listen to your intuition. You might be surprised by what you already know.

Que que na-to-ra

You will understand

Listen with your heart

You will understand

Let it break upon you

Like a wave upon the sand

Listen with your heart

You will understand

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