State of the Podcast Industry 2019: An Interview with Rob Greenlee…

Rob Greenlee, Vice President of Podcast Relations at Voxnest, joins me (Phil Svitek) on this special episode where the two of us discuss the state of the podcast industry in 2019. Rob highlights his journey into podcasting since the early beginnings and his work with Microsoft’s Zune. He recounts the growth that has happened and discusses what’s needed in order for the industry to continue to evolve. Plus, he and I discuss practical ways in which podcasters can get started or grow their pre-existing series. We’ll go over cool gadgets in the space such as the Rodecaster Pro mixer used by many podcasters. Lastly, Rob names his favorite podcast conventions that are most beneficial for getting immersed with other podcasters. He offers up a ton in a short amount of time so pay attention. As always, thank you for tuning in and if you have any questions, be sure to write them in the comment section. The more there are, the better Rob and I can answer then for when we do a follow-up interview, whenever that may be.

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