Step 1 to Financial Freedom is to Understand Your Spending Habits…

A core component to find success as an artist is financial literacy. I know, I know… It’s not creative or sexy. Plus, when you’re not making much money and struggling, why bother thinking about it since it only pains you to do so? Well, the only way towards financial freedom is to take the first steps. Understanding your finances, aka financial literacy, is part of phase one. The first step in phase one is to know HOW you are spending your money which means you need to track your expenses. To help you do that, I recommend the Money Management App. It’s free and as soon as you make any purchase, you can input it into your phone. But understanding your spending habits and knowing where your money is really going and how much you have left, will allow you to budget properly. But the literal first step IS to track your spending. So download the Money Management App. That’s the take-away from this episode. And once you are ready for step two, I encourage you to reach Chelsea Galicia’s book S.A.V.E. Yourself: Develop the financial fitness to Spend in Alignment with your Values, not Ego ( After listening, kindly feel free to ask questions or offer opinions of your own, whether down in the comment section or by hitting me up on social media @PhilSvitek. Also, it’d mean the world to me if you checked out my latest film’s crowdfunding page over at

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