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I (Phil Svitek) was out of town this week so filling in for me is my producer Juliet Vibert and she’s teaching a very important lesson which is stick with the problem longer. It comes from an Albert Einstein quote. Find out what it truly means to stick with the problem longer, why it’s important and how you can go about it. Once you begin to stick with the problem longer you’ll find you can overcome anything in life. It’s true. Enjoy the lesson! Comment below with thoughts, opinions, personal examples, questions, etc.

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Hello! No I’m not Phil Svitek. I’m Juliet Vibert, a producer of this show as well as for AfterBuzz TV.

Now, just because Phil’s not here doesn’t mean you should click away.

Phil is out of town working on an important project and could not tape a new episode. Nonetheless, the show must go on. And so I am here to pass onto you something that Phil taught me very early on. It’s a quote he borrows from Albert Einstein which goes, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

A lot of people, myself included, believe Phil is a genius. Humbly, he doesn’t believe this about himself. One of the many qualities that makes him the person he is. Whenever he is called a genius he references that Einstein quote. Watching him in action over the years, I still believe he is a genius at what he does, but it’s also true that what makes him great is he constantly picks away at a problem until it is solved. He doesn’t give up. Yes, he gets frustrated and struggles during parts of the process. But he stays with it.

In many ways, this quote ties closely into a previous lesson that he taught called “it’s not what you know, it’s what you do when you don’t know…” In that lesson Phil discussed specific strategies to overcome hurdles in our lives. None of us are born with any knowledge. It must be gained.

When you tie in that notion along with the idea of sticking with the problem, you get the perfect combination allowing you to overcome anything.

I find today it’s largely a cultural aspect where we all crave instant gratification. We want things to be done or work right away. When they don’t, we fret and probably give up. It is in this struggle that you learn the most. Or at least I certainly do. That is what Phil taught me. That is what makes him so smart. Each of those struggles, and many times failures, has taught him something new that he can carry with him forward.

It’s a very glamorized concept today to enjoy the journey. One hundred percent, enjoy the journey. Just don’t expect it to be easy. It’s no different than if you were running a marathon or climbing Mount Everest. Your mind and body at times, especially towards the end, will ache. It is in those moments where you must fight on most. That is where the most is gained – in the final 10-20%. Because when you finish and you have the knowledge you’ve accomplished something great, you suddenly grow in such a way that you never thought possible. The harder the struggle, the more rewarding the feeling becomes.

All in all, keep at it. Stick with the problems longer and you’ll find the solutions you’re seeking. Thanks for watching. I had a blast teaching this week. But before you head off, here’s a couple quick things. First, the transcript of this episode is in the description – that way you can review the lesson at your convenience. And be sure to leave us a comment. We’re always excited to read what you share. If you enjoyed this lesson, please be sure to hit that like button and tell your friends and family about us. Also, you can support this show on Every contribution is truly appreciated. To be notified when future episodes release, subscribe on either Apple Podcast or YouTube. Plus, we just added the show to Google Play so check us out there if it’s more convenient. Lastly, if you’re a host or college student in the LA area and would like to join AfterBuzz, visit AfterBuzz TV’s contact page. A direct link is provided. Or of course you can Tweet @PhilSvitek or Instagram me @BonjourJuliet. Thanks for watching. I’m Juliet Vibert, a producer on the show and we’ll see you next week with another one of Phil’s life lessons.

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