Stop Focusing on Whether the Process is Right and Focus on the Results…

One of my main guiding principles is to study as many artists across various disciplines as I can. This is because I love to discover the process that allowed them to create the work that they did. And what you learn by doing this is there’s no one single way to accomplish something. There may be best practices, but at the end of the day, the focus for every artist should be the final product. And one notion I’ve been noticing lately is people who are starting off, have this idea that there is a “right way” to do something and by default assume anything else is wrong. Why? This is what I want make sure you don’t ever think. That’s what I go in detail with this episode. After listening, kindly feel free to ask questions or offer opinions of your own, whether down in the comment section or by hitting me up on social media @PhilSvitek. Also, it’d mean the world to me if you checked out my latest film’s crowdfunding page over at

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