The Mindset of a 21st Century Creative: Interview with Mark McGuinness…

Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” That is also the viewpoint of poet and creative coach Mark McGuinness. He’s someone I came across because of a referral and I became hooked on his podcast – The 21st Century Creative. He offers so much with his own insights and also brings on great guests to share theirs. The theme is that the 21st century has so much to offer artists so long as they stay the course and don’t get distracted. In today’s episode, I, Phil Svitek, interview Mark about exactly that – the challenges facing all 21st century creatives and how to overcome them. I have an absolute blast chatting with him as we dive deep into philosophical and practical ideas that anyone can benefit from. Throughout our conversation we cite quotes from Charles Darwin, Steven Pressfield and even ancient texts. You’ll learn how to keep pushing through and completing your project even once you’ve hit a wall with it. Plus so much more, including recommendations on fantastic poetry books. Comment below with any questions or comments you have. And, you enjoy the episode, check out Mark’s podcast as well as his FREE book – 21 Insights for 21st Century Creates. Links are provided below:

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