We MUST Take Up R.B.G.’s Baton & Not Despair Right Now!…

R.B.G. is dead. It’s easier to read that and despair because of how iconic she was and what she stood for in life. But we CANNOT despair. She fought until the end and now the baton is ours. We must take it. Things may seem futile BUT there are options. That is the aim of this episode. To provide calmness and give you those options. Am I an expert? No. There are far smarter and better people than me. That’s actually one of the things I encourage you to do: look for them and in fact share those resources in the comments down below so we can create a list. With my words, I want to inspire and galvanize you into action. Because the options we have are meaningless without action. Here’s some of the links I mention: http://Flipthesenate.comhttp://adoptastate.comhttp://Vote.gov and https://www.eac.gov/voters/become-poll-worker. One that I didn’t mention but learned about after recording is http://ballotready.org which helps you find out how/where to vote as well as learn more about everything that will be on your ballot so you can choose wisely. Let’s get to action so R.B.G. can truly rest. Also, please share this with others who may feel despair. Doesn’t have to be my episode. In fact I encourage you to do it in your own words.

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