We‘re Not Machines Meant to Just Perform, We’re People – A Reflection on Our Times (5/10/2020)…

On a recent podcast episode of “The goop Podcast”, Craig Malkin talked about how kids learn to perform in order to survive, rather than be a person (https://goop.com/the-goop-podcast/healthy-narcissism-with-craig-malkin/). When I heard this it really got me thinking how we’re not machines, we’re not meant to just perform. We’re humans. And especially as creatives, we have very lofty goals. That’s not a bad thing but we must learn to go about them in a healthy manner. That’s my aim with this episode—to explore and question some of the notions we’ve all probably grown up with. Do I have all the answers? No! But I want to get a discussion going and for us to think about this topic. Dive into this these notions and questions with me as I offer my two cents on the matter at hand. You may (dis)agree, in which case feel free to offer your opinion as well, whether in the comment section on hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek.

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