What’s Ethical Fading & What Impact Does It Have On Our Daily Lives…

Ethical fading is a term I learned thank to Simon Sinek’s A Bit of Optimism podcast (https://a-bit-of-optimism.simplecast.com/episodes/ethical-fading-with-lenny-wong-VjoQbepa). In this episode, I share what the term is and how it impacts all our lives. I make the argument that each of us holds the power to raise the proverbial bar higher to a better set of standards. So listen and afterwards, please feel free to ask questions and more importantly think about examples in your own life of ethical fading. Whether you do so down in the comment section or by hitting me up on social media @PhilSvitek makes no difference to me. To get you started, here’s two examples I didn’t mention in the lesson: 1) when people create fake accounts to vote for online polls 2) when people buy fake followers to inflate their numbers.

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