When You’re Stuck, Look for Answers In Different Places—Embrace the Unconventional!…

Often I find that whenever I’m faced with a problem or feel stuck, I look for answers in expected places. Meaning if I have a business problem, I read a business book. This works some of the time but generally the real, deep problems we face require more. They require us to look in new places. It is unconventional wisdom and atypical thinking that will provide the true answers we need. This principle is what has propelled many advancements in all industries. I highlight a few examples and discuss this notion in detail on how to apply it to your life. After listening, ask any questions you have and also include three unconventional ways to approach problems in your life so we can all create a list that benefits us. You can write in the comment section or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek.

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