Who Is Phil Svitek?

A Digital Content Guru…

A rare mix of creativity, analytical insight and business-mindedness. I started editing professionally at 15 before shifting gears into producing for the AfterBuzz TV networks. There, I developed revolutionary, fast-turnaround, low cost production methods allowing 150+ weekly shows to broadcast live to an audience of millions and where I went on to produce over 50k individual episodes.

Now that I’ve hit my 30s, I’ve shifted gears and am creating contents of all kind – web series, music videos, films (shorts & features), books, documentaries, podcasts, TV pilots, etc.

I understand media theory and best practices and combine them with my technical skills to real world applications and achieve tangible results. I’m an expert in:

  • Storytelling
  • Video and audio editing
  • Graphics design
  • Podcast and webcast production and equipment
  • Website development
  • Concept development
  • Planning, organization and management
  • Analytics and research
  • Audience building
  • Budgeting and revenue creation

…With a Passion for Helping Artists Realize Their Visions

What drives me is utilizing my knowledge to help others realize their creative passions. I believe it is our duty to share the lessons from our mentors and the mistakes we’ve made so others don’t have to suffer in the same way or at least have an easier time. I take my skills and apply them to whatever project and person I’m involved with to elevate both towards an ultimate goal.

My life reflects quality and care. Through AfterBuzz alone, I’ve had the privilege to help guide aspiring artists to achieve their dreams jobs. Examples include:

  • WWE’s Cathy Kelley
  • Fox’s Eboni K. Williams
  • Access Hollywood Live’s AJ Gibson
  • Clevver’s Renee Ariel
  • Black Hollywood Live’s Derrial Christon
  • Us Weekly’s Jackie Miranne
  • E! Online’s Alina Vission
  • OWN’s Stacy Ike

I’ve also either consulted or worked directly with celebrities such as:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Maria Menounos
  • Sean “X-Pac” Waltman
  • Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen)
  • Jerry Ferrara
  • Sam Roberts and Jim Norton
  • Lilian Garcia
  • Maria Shriver

(FYI – if you’d like to apply as a host for the AfterBuzz TV network, here is the link. I’ve seen firsthand what the experience has done for people’s careers, including my own. Just make sure you’re 18 years old and are in the LA area. Also, if you’re a college student, they offer a fantastic internship program. Apply here.)


Weekly Series:

With over 15 years of experience WORKING in the entertainment industry at the top level, learning from the best of the best, Phil Svitek is now on a journey of paying it forward. He believes that ideas are meant to be shared, not hoarded and furthermore, if you are successful then you owe the next generation a roadmap. As someone who has been there across various roles such as producer, director, editor, writer, podcaster and even high level executive, Phil knows the struggles and what it takes to tackle and overcome the challenges that artists face on the road to accomplishment. As you already may know too well, an artist’s life can be extremely volatile, with many high’s and low’s – it takes more than just industry skills and knowledge to make it. To be successful, you need to have the right mental fortitude to reach your dreams. Phil believes in a 360 approach – combining technical theory with practice, along with personal development skills that are directly related to what it takes to be successful as a digital artist. This is why he’s called the 360 creative coach! Each week, he draws from these experiences, learnings and exploration to offer you insights, concepts and findings with specific takeaways to benefit you. He’ll recommend books, podcasts, movies, etc to help further illustrate the ideas highlighted within each episode.


In addition to producing my own weekly series, I have been a host on various podcasts at the AfterBuzz TV networks. The podcasts range widely but the overarching theme is that each covers a specific TV show, film or book that is of interest to me. If you’re a TV or movie junkie, I encourage you to check out some of my coverage. Also, if there’s shows that you’re a fan that I didn’t talk about, chances are someone at AfterBuzzTV.com did – after all, it’s “The ESPN of TV Talk”. So do check out their roster of shows and enjoy the discussion from superfans’ perspectives.


As a content creator, I have created and worked on hundreds or projects ranging from feature films, documentaries, shorts, trailers and sizzle reels. My roles have included producer, writer, director, cameraman and primarily editor – my original passion.


My biggest passion has always been storytelling. And while I love the visual medium first and foremost, I also enjoy the power of the written word and the ability it has to transcend its readers into a whole imagined world. Currently, I am completing my first novel called Elan, Elan which is a coming-of-age story inspired by my upbringing in Slovakia. (And yes, I spent a lot of time in Slovakia as a child – crazy, I know. You can always read my bio if you’re curious to know my full story.)

I’m also re-purposing my weekly series’ teachings into a nonfiction book. Don’t worry, it won’t be just a collection of the transcripts. It will simultaneously expand upon and reinforce the lessons I try to impart to my viewers. And, I also realize that some people retain better through videos while others need to read it. This aims to serve those learners.

To be notified when these books will come out, as well as stay up to date with any of my other projects, please be sure to sign up for my newsletter. I promise not to spam you if you choose do so.

Dog Kennel Bed:

I have two dogs (Chloe and Sparky). They’re fantastic but require space and so as a solution, my mentor and AfterBuzz TV founder Keven Undergaro, had an idea to create a custom bed for me that allowed both Chloe and Sparky to sleep underneath me and also had room for storage.

It was a fantastic idea and really made quite the difference. And as the years have gone by, I started to look up if anyone else had done something similar. Turns out very few people have and like me they’ve built a very custom bed.

See, the bed that was designed for me worked but it was bulky, heavy, immobile, expensive, you name it. So I asked myself what would it be like if these types of beds were massed produced. How cheap could you make them while maintaining the quality? How simple could you make it for people to put together themselves? What’s the design that would appeal to most people? And so on.

I dug and I dug into the answers to these questions and over the past six months I’ve tinkered with various concepts, surveyed numerous dog owners, both friends and strangers, until I finally landed on one that people loved.

Now I’m in the prototype phase with the ultimate goal being able to serve dog lovers nationwide who are limited on space in their apartments, especially in cities like New York or Chicago. To learn more about the “Dog Kennel Bed”, visit the website or follow on Facebook.


Here are various appearances, speeches and guest spots I’ve done in the past.


If you’d like to support these passion projects, or any other of my endeavors, then check out my Patreon page for more info. Not only do you support my art, but there are fantastic rewards depending on your level of contribution. (You’re always welcome to suggest new ones to me via the contact page). Your support is truly appreciated as it helps defray the necessary costs BUT only do so if it doesn’t burden you financially in any way. The other way you can always show your support is by rating, commenting and sharing any of my works. Word of mouth remains one of the strongest ways to spread artist projects and it would mean the world to me if you shared mine with someone you know (friends, family members, coworkers, etc). Thank you in advance.


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