Why Everything Is Breaking News & How to Remain Informed – Exploring the Modern News Landscape…

As citizens, we’re supposed to trust the news. It’s supposed to be unbiased and accurate. But regardless of your politics, it feels like more and more that isn’t the case. Why is this? How does one stay informed and well rounded? It’s questions like these that Michael Clouse (@TheOnlyMC) and I explore in our conversation. We deep dive the landscape of modern news—how we got here AND why we got here. In our discussion we highlight why every piece of news is breaking news. It’s a wide ranging dialogue about the state of the news business and how its bottom line dictates its path more so than journalistic integrity. If you’re reading this description, it may all seem like doom and gloom. Fear not. We offer solutions and take-aways. But to learn then, you’ll have to listen and get the full context. Enjoy and may you learn. Afterwards we invite you to share questions or opinion, whether down in the comment section of by hitting us up on social media (@TheOnlyMC & @PhilSvitek). Just remember, we want to move and elevate the conversation, not devolve it. If you’re respectful, regardless whether we agree with you, we’ll be respectful.

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