Why Fighting Fire With Fire Is Stupid…

A common phrase many of us here is to fight fire with fire. Why? As Benjamin Hoff points out in The Tao of Pooh, it’s not effective. You should fight fire with water. This is a metaphor of course we need to consider its wider implications in our life. This is what I explore today and invite you to consider the areas of your life where you’ve been fighting fire with fire instead of water. Also, I discuss how sometimes we get caught up in battles that aren’t worth fighting for. This is problematic because there are so many issues actually worth fighting for in life. I’m not here to define those for you, but I find most times the things we get caught up in, don’t even align with what we truly care about. So have intention with the battles you select. After listening, kindly feel free to ask questions or offer opinions of your own, whether down in the comment section or by hitting me up on social media @PhilSvitek

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