Why Life’s Not About Accolades: Candice Cruz (Host/Actress) Interview…

Candice Cruz (@CandiceRCruz) is a friend I’ve known from my time at AfterBuzz TV. This Kentucky-native, Latina-mix has had the “hustle” mentality all of her life accumulating accolades ranging from being accepted into a law-focused summer course at Yale University her sophomore year of high school, to interning at ESPN Headquarters, to winning the title of Miss Teen United States 2010 and graduating Cum Laude from University of Kentucky with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. Candice is no stranger to dedication, hard work and perseverance…even her journey to LA was completely unconventional. After hopping on a tour bus (yes, that really happened) and completing a nation-wide tour running social media & marketing for a boy band (still, not joking!), Candice landed in her dream city of Los Angeles and made it her home. Dedicated to her art, Candice has been cultivating her talents at multiple studios including Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop and hosting multiple shows at AfterBuzz TV, Black Hollywood Live, Popcorn Talk, Buzz 360 and Red Carpet Report. Candice was selected as one of 30 participants (out of 500+ nationwide applicants) to be a part of the NBC Hosting Workshop. Quite a resume, right? In this episode she joins me to chat about her journey—both in terms of practical steps she’s taken as well as the mentality she’s embraced during all this. It’s truly a wide ranging conversation with so many insights. Please watch, enjoy and share it with someone in your life. If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share with us, comment down below or hit us up on social media (@PhilSvitek & @CandiceRCruz). For more info on Candice, check out her website http://candicecruz.net.

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