Why You Should Never Hold Back Your Creativity and Other Lessons with Lauren LoGrasso…

Lauren LoGrasso believes that creativity is within everyone and it must be tapped into and utilized, whether traditional creative means or inventive and fun ways of doing “non-creative” tasks. Otherwise, if we don’t, we’ll suffer and become unhappy, eventually even depressed. But who is Lauren? She is a musician, producer, podcaster, actress and overall creative artist that I’ve known for at least five years. She’s an amazing person and she joins me (Phil Svitek) to offer her wisdom and insight into navigating life as a creative. Lauren sheds light into how she’s found the courage to overcome fear, stay positive and keep moving forward on projects that have taken way longer to complete than ever expected – sometimes even having to start from scratch. She’s honest and raw and even discusses the importance of therapy and self-development for any person. Her latest project – Unleash Your Inner Creative – is a shining example of what she’s able to accomplish and the knowledge she is able to spread. More importantly, she loves all souls and it shows. Her passion is infectious and I hope you catch it! Her major theme of this conversation is never hold back your creativity. Powerful, right? Please be sure to comment with any questions or opinions you may have for me or Lauren. Thank you.

Unleash Your Inner Creative Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/unleash-your-inner-creative-with-lauren-lograsso/id1451719426?mt=2

Lauren LoGrasso’s Website: http://laurenlograsso.com/

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