Your 20s Are Meant For You to Discover Yourself, Not to Already Know What You Want…

I know a lot of people in their 20s who are anxious AF, leading to a quarter life crisis. This is because they feel like they haven’t found their purpose, their calling… And unfortunately all we as the older generations can offer is “deal with it” or “I had it tough too but I got through it”. That’s not good enough. First off, your 20s aren’t really about knowing what you fully want. It’s a discover phase of your life. It certainly was for author Robert Greene. It’s only with the advantage of hindsight that it becomes clear how the experiences in your 20s lead you to the path you’re meant to be one. Enjoy the ride. It’s okay to go from one thing to another. In fact, David Epstein showcases how that’s an advantage in his book called Range. But this is not talked about enough and I really want that to stop. Join me on this episode for more details. And for more resources, check out Robert Greene’s Mastery book, Range by David Epstein, Dave Evan’s Designing Your Life, Start With Why by Simon Sinek and the work of Satya Doyle Byock. Please be sure to comment with any thoughts or questions you may have. Or hit me up on social media @PhilSvitek. I’d love to hear from you!

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