Content Creator

From movies to TV, Phil understands the entire landscape and process starting from development all the way to exhibition. He’s produced/edited documentaries and feature films, some that played theatrically. Additionally, he’s packaged countless unscripted shows.

Digital Guru

Before the age of 30 Phil’s already producer over 25k individual podcasts and webcasts. No one’s come close to that number. When podcasting and live-streaming were in their infancy, he revolutionized systems and methods that still remain cutting-edge today.


There’s nothing that Phil enjoys more than to share his passions, insights and mistakes with up and coming creators. He hopes to inspire and teach new generations that can take what he’s already accomplished and expand on it by doing it better and faster.


As AfterBuzz TV’s Chief Operating Officer, Svitek and Talent Relations Manager Roxy Striar presented “The Buzz on AfterBuzz” in Washington DC at 2017’s ShareLikeBuy Conference.

Founded by Emmy-winning host Maria Menounos and producer Keven Undergaro, AfterBuzz TV has been dubbed “The ESPN of TV Talk!” Striar and Svitek highlight how they found an audience where their passion hits hyperdrive. The network has some of the strongest engagement stats for podcasts anywhere despite the large number of shows it produces weekly. Hear as they describe how to harness that insatiable desire for news, gossip and opinion about entertainment.

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