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You must possess the right technical skills as well as mental fortitude in order to achieve your creative endeavors. One cannot work without the other, at least not long term, especially in this ever-evolving media landscape. That is why all my teaching and coaching takes a 360-degree approach and I aim to provide you with both because I know firsthand the importance and application.

That’s why I call myself a 360 Creative Coach!

Because I believe in giving back and paying it forward, I am providing you with lessons and techniques that have benefited me in my personal and professional life. Some I learned from my mentors, others I learned by trial and error. Everything here is compiled with the hope that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes and that your creative journey is easier than mine. As time goes by, the teachings offered will be more extensive so I hope you check back in from time to time. Furthermore, if there’s any subject you’d particularly like to see me tackle that I haven’t, or didn’t dive in as deep as I could have, then I encourage you to let me know via my contact form.

And, recently, I’ve taken these various lessons and created a coursebook called Master Mental Fortitude! It not only jam packs 35 valuable lessons with practical takeaways but also provides you with exercises to put each lesson to use in your own life. It is geared towards any creative — it doesn’t matter whether you are a: Writer, Actor, Director, Artist, Musician, Producer, Host or Podcaster — each lesson has something for you! I hope you check it out.

Lastly, if you find value in what’s offered here, please don’t hesitate to share the information with someone else who may be helped by it. Whether you send them a direct link to this website or simply pass on the knowledge you’ve gained makes no difference to me because my true intent with everything is just to help and inspire artists in any way that I can.

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Mental Fortitude

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